On November 4th Virginia Angeles, a great advocate and mother, was stopped at a check-point on her way to an interview in La Jolla and within 48 hours, through a process called “expedited removal” , she was forcibly taken to other side of border at the Tijuana port of entry. She didn’t answer any of the officers questions. She didn’t sign or admit to anything. She is a mother and one of the best advocates we have in San Diego. It didn’t matter, she was deported anyway. Now Virginia is in a extremely difficult situation. With no where to stay in Tijuana or nearby, she moved 1,730 miles away to Tenancingo, State of Mexico with relatives. Her relatives cannot afford to pay for her food and shelter for long. More importantly for Virginia, her son and husband in San Diego cannot also make ends meet without her income. And she has no money for her legal defense.  The ERC staff will work with Virginia to document her current situation and the circumstances that lead to her deportation, coordinate meetings with advocates and attorney(s), and to transfer the funds raised by this request.  If you would like to help Virginia please make a donation by clicking on the image below.

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