Immigration & Naturalization

Since 1999 the Employee Rights Center has been fulfilling its mission to provide all San Diego area workers, especially disadvantaged workers, education and advocacy regarding their workplace issues. As a program of Labor’s Alliance, a local 501c3 organization, the Center operates “Labor’s Immigration Program”, which offers free education and low-cost advocacy to all immigrant workers and their families from its offices in the heart of City Heights. The Center is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

The ERC provides comprehensive immigration services for both documented (lawful permanent residents, temporary visa holders, etc.) and undocumented immigrants (people who entered without inspection or are in the United States in violation of immigration laws). It does this with an immigration attorney, Sarah Loftin; the Center’s Program Coordinator, Alor Calderon; and volunteer law students from our 3 local law schools. Last year the Center organized over 4,000 volunteer hours for its immigration work, or the equivalent of two staff persons.

In the past 18 months over 500 individuals have contacted the ERC with immigration cases and issues and received some level of service, including free education. During that time the ERC has formally represented 66 individuals in their immigration cases, and is continuing to provide education, information, and outreach to countless individuals through our open door, free consultation policy. Following is a description of services the ERC immigration program provides.