Work Benefits Program

In the State Benefits Program the Center represents those with out work or who are unable to work in seeking state Unemployment Insurance benefits and State Disability Insurance benefits.

Both Unemployment Insurance and State Disability Insurance are administered by the Employment Development (the EDD). The EDD screens workers when they make an application for either insurance program. An EDD screener will call the worker and go over facts that determine eligibility. Unfortunately, the EDD, like most state agencies has budgetary constraints, and the EDD’s screeners are often over worked and have little time to spend with each applicant. It is quite common for workers to be unfairly denied

The Center represents workers who have been denied Unemployment Insurance or Disability Insurance the Center represents in appealing the denial of benefits. The Center’s employment law attorney, and a team law student clerks develop the facts and evidence of the case and represent the client in a hearing before the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.