Martha Arlen Testimonial

Martha sPhotoI am Martha, a “warrior” in life.  Seems like I have been the ‘Chosen One’,to experience all the natural things in life, the HARD WAY.  Well, at the darkest of recent times, I found a helping hand, and sincere advocate, in the EMPLOYEE RIGHTS CENTER Team!  This is my story.

September 2013 I journeyed to San Diego from Orange County, at the urging of a friend of mine.  The recent decade of economic distress in the marketplace seemed  interminable in Orange County, where I called home since graduating college.  I launched out hoping for new opportunities and a fresh start!  That supposed “friend” turned out to be the opposite of one.  I found myself in a foreign environment, without financial means, abandoned, and marooned in downtown San Diego.
Through charitable organizations reaching out to sudden homeless individuals in the City, I found compassion and sustenance.  Rachel’s Women’s Center and PATH/Alpha Project took me unconditionally “under their wing” for both housing and provisions.  At this time, I sought out employment and knew I would have to be patient for this process.  I soon discovered that I had a likely valid Unemployment Insurance Claim with EDD (due to Obama’s extension of benefit periods).  I began an arduous effort to verify, communicate, and receive my due income.  Keep in mind that I had been denied a myriad of possible resources for financial assistance at every turn in the City.  I was without any money at all . . . anywhere!  This continued for months, as the EDD rebuffed every communication and refused to even respond to my many queries.
Riding in on a beautiful WHITE STEED to the rescue, came the EMPLOYEE RIGHTS CENTER!  I learned of these wonderful Advocates and made a simple phone call.  As I write this, tears are dripping down my cheeks.  Lisa jumped to respond.  I can honestly say that it took several months of their “holding my hand” through the needful process of communication, attendance with me at an Appeals Board Hearing (to prove validity of my claim), and assistance with documentation and compliance with the EDD.  They unfailingly took my phone calls and responded the way a family member would, every step of the way.
After 7 months of battle, I won my claim.  Now I have received the total sum of my due income, over $2,400.  I have already guided others who need this assistance to this amazing organization.  They are the REAL THING and a mighty blessing to people who need help fighting a battle of this kind.  I genuinely love them and am privileged to call them friends.  God Bless the Employee Rights Center!