Mario Puente and Lilia S. Puente Testimonial

Mario and Lilia PuenteMy Husband Mario Puente and I Lilia S. Puente, are very grateful for the help we have received from your office and all the personal at the Employee Rights Center. We want to thank you all for your personalized help and human quality.

In July 2012 my husband Mario, got fired from his job. Immediately he applied for unemployment insurance, in December of the same year he started having health problems. Due to lack of health insurance that would  cover for his doctor’s appointments and medication, we went to La Maestra Clinic,seeking for help, but the health problem that my husband had wasn’t fully  covered  without seen first an specialist.  In early 2013 we were referred to the Human services at such clinic and they referred us out to Adriana Huerta, at the Employee Rights Center.

Adriana showed so much interest in our situation and connected us with Ms. Liliana Jimenez at Family Health Centers in North Park.  Thanks to her we were able to find a specialist that was willing to take Mario’s case.From there forward they guided us so my husband could get Medi-CAl coverage and also completed the Calfresh application for us and help us find all the help we need.

Ever since you invited us to participate in the informative community discussions you have every month at the center, we try to assist with regularity since they are very interesting and educational. We have learned so much about Obama Care, Immigrant Rights, Access to Health rights and much more.

At one of the monthly workshops we were invited to participate at (WE) a group to support savings, since then I’ve been part of this group.  At this group we started an microcredit project and we have received training on various topics like personal finances, etc.

Once again we want to thank you for all the help we have received from you and your team. Please be sure that we are part of the group that spreads the word about the services and work you do.  We share this information with all our friends and people we know so they can also receive the help they need as we received.


Mario Puente y Lilia S. Puente